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Established in 1981, Iain Jennings & Associates is a professional training and development consultancy service which is owned by Peak Activities Limited.

We apply our excellent staff’s considerable knowledge and skills to help our corporate clients to ascertain & define training needs, to design bespoke training solutions and then run and evaluate training programmes tailored which meet their specific aims & needs and the requirements of their teams and individuals. Our mission is simply to serve our clients and through the excellence of our outstanding people, products and services to be perceived by our clients as their first choice of suppliers whenever they have key training events in mind which need to go right first time.

Our corporate clients include many well known international organisations and SME’s - including Aviva, BP, EDF, E.ON, Marks & Spencer, NWE NPower, Robert Bosch GmbH, Rolls Royce Aero Engines, the Royal Air Force, the NHS, Unilever, Volvo CE, and many more quality conscious
household names.

Dr Jennings

Dr Iain Jennings BSc PGCE PhD FRGS, Chartered FIPD.
Managing Director & CIPD Registered Training Consultant.

Ian and his team can offer you the help and support of a first class, dedicated, friendly & successful team of indoor and outdoor training & development experts working mainly in the UK’s accessible Peak District and also in the Lake District and in Ellmau in the Tyrol in the Austrian Alps. Courses and events are also often arranged at clients’ premises too.

The team comprises over twenty people, many of whom have been working together successfully for a long time ( in many cases each having over 30 years service full or part time). Our people work hard to help our clients and their staff realise their true potential and increase their efficiency and professionalism. We have an enviable track record in the field of indoor and outdoor management development training, delivering safe, cost-effective RELIABLE and FUN tailored Outdoor Management Development training events for our corporate clients from the UK and overseas. Please don’t just take our word for that - you can see some of the host of personal recommendations,
glowing endorsements and feedback comments from well known CEO’s of large companies & SMEs on media such as Linked-in and on other web pages for confirmation. The team’s work improving the performance of already successful teams has often been featured on television and radio, in the national press and in numerous professional training journals and HRD magazines. We are always pleased when delighted discerning organisations such as Range Rover, Aston Martin Lagonda, Bosch, Singapore Airlines, the EMTB and English Tourist Board have published articles full of glowing praise and expressing their pleasure arising from the results of projects such as Continuous Improvement Programmes which have been designed and run by our team.

Our customers include the senior directors, managers and CEO’s of organisations seeking to improve the performance of their colleagues’ teams and their managers and supervisors. We are also involved with the training and development of younger people such apprentices, new police recruits, freshly appointed graduates and newly promoted managers & supervisors. Generally we will develop a bespoke 3, 4, 5 or 7 day residential training programmes to address their initial training needs. Follow up programmes and post course benchmarking and coaching also be arranged if required. We are also available to work alongside clients at their premises. Our team offers a unique service and a host of business improvement possibilities at prices which are fair & affordable. If you choose to use our excellent people, products and services we promise that won’t let you or your delegates down.

Apprentices from VOLVE CE during a week long training programme in the Peak District NMational Park with Iain Jennings & Associates.
Apprentices from Volvo CE on a Trailquest During a Week Long Residential Course

Whilst other Divisions of Peak Activities Ltd specialise in shorter “ jolly ” team building events and residentials, Iain Jennings & Associates specialises in the careful analysis of clients’ training needs, the design of suitable tailored courses and the delivery, following up, consolidation and evaluation of such bespoke training & development programmes. Detailed preparatory work may involve anonymous staff review questionnaires, 360* appraisals, and work using self perception inventories such as Meredith Belbin’s team role questionnaires, Myers Briggs type indicators and other psychometric tools such as 16 or 32 PF.

Our clients include many well known organisations from the financial, banking, high technology manufacturing, biotech, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries. We have worked very successfully and published the results of this work with numerous organisations including AVIVA, Barclays, Northern Foods, Robert Bosch GmbH, Rolls Royce, EDF, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Range Rover, Rover Group, TXU, and Volvo. Please
click here for a list of some of our corporate clients and for links to some kind testimonials and customer endorsements which we hope will encourage budget holders and decision makers to speak directly with our training specialists about any projects they may have in mind.

To save time we try to encourage Managing Directors and CEO’s of companies considering using our services to have a chat with our M.D. Dr Iain Jennings at the earliest possible opportunity. Iain is very approachable always willing to give friendly advice - and all discussions can be made in total confidence. All Iain asks for in return is for the actual stakeholder and budget holders to speak with him in person - rather than to ask for Iain’s help via colleagues who may not always have the full picture regarding the aims & objective, scope and limitations of your envisaged assignment.


As you may imagine, after 30 years of working at the leading edge of this field with very demanding and discerning clients, the consultancy services offered by Iain Jennings & Associates are diverse and some can be quite complex and time consuming. A tailored three day residential programme of development training for, let’s say, around 10 or 12 people at a time will involve a significant investment often running into five figures which includes time spent on planning meetings, research interviews and post course follow ups. We have clearly established over 30 years of operations that our unique approach and blend of indoor and outdoor methods works really well and customers agree such targeted training & development interventions are very worthwhile and remarkably cost-effective. Customers who have tried and succeeded using our methods often become strong advocates of ours. However, we do recognise that prospective customers sometimes ironically have trouble justifying going away on holiday - never mind spending three or four days away from work learning how to avoid “firefighting”.

If you have a requirement to improve communications, develop deeper trust and understanding, to boost leadership qualities and develop management process skills, to increase creativity and develop fresh ways of tackling problems at work collectively, please call us on 01433-650345 and you’ll not be disappointed. We can also help to boost the self confidence and self reliance of people who may need help in realising their true potential.

If you have a requirement for less serious training - for example a one or two day team building event for 10 or maybe 100+ people, Peak Activities Ltd. will still be pleased to hear from you - but you will not be wanting or needing costly detailed reviews and follow ups - and hence most probably you will need to be dealing with some of our other colleagues whose time is charged out at a more modest hourly rate. Corporate events organisers on a tight budget will find our tuition fees for short “jolly” away days and light-hearted corporate events are pleasantly light by comparison. Just
click here please to go to our separate fun-filled Light-hearted Team Building or our Adventurous Sports Division’s web areas on the Peak Activities web site.

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