Striving to be best in our class

Sir Henry Royce suggested we try to be excellent in everything that we do, taking the best in all that's available and then doing our utmost to find ways to make things even better....

Through the application of the excellence of our people, products and services, we can help managers and directors get the very best out of their teams and individuals - whilst increasing morale and boosting motivations & creativity.

Our team has frequently been involved in Continuous Improvement Initiatives in close partnership with organisation such as Rolls Royce, Bosch, TXU, e.on, Northern Foods, Boots the Chemists, Transco and our own regional tourist board & many other organisations. The results of some of these successful CI initiatives have been published and audited by organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development...and we have lots of kind endorsements and supportive statements on Linked-in and on our websites as a result of their enthusiasm for our unique services.


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Mr Bill Roberts - photographed during a team building follow up event we ran for him at Ipswich Town when TXU were sponsoring the team in the Premiership. Bill was then working as Finance Director of TXU in their main European office in Geneva and Iain Jennings was invited over to Geneva to assist the teams reporting to Bill find ways and means of working more closely together.

Over the years Bill has been a most generous supporter and advocate of our work in the fields of personal development and team development and leadership skills training. If people feel we are good at what we do - it is in no small part due to the skills of our staff and the support of some of our valued customers such as Bill.

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One of the great joys of working closely as a training consultant with top class companies such as Rolls Royce, Aston Martin Lagonda, Bosch GmbH & TXU is that their leaders' enthusiasm for professionalism and their own drive and knowledge often rubs off and leaves you personally better off every time you work for them. We all benefit.

Over the years we have been very privileged to work closely with some of the most talented people and most effective managers and directors working across a huge and diverse range of working environments. Although sometimes they have claimed they have learned a lot from us, it is clearly, often a most enjoyable and inspirational two way process which has spurred us on to face and do well on more challenging assignments.

We enjoy trying to be the best in our field. Our mission is, through the excellence of our people, products and services to be perceived by our customers and prospective clients to be one of the most reliable, safest and worthwhile OMD operations in the UK and Europe. We also try our best to have FUN too. Our simple promise is that if clients are fair and open with us we won't let them down - well except maybe on the end of a rope !

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Since we first started running high quality bespoke training courses in 1981 for clients in engineering and industry such as Lucas Aerospace, GEC Large Machines, Range Rover and Robert Bosch GmbH, we have been very lucky to have had a lot of work referred to us by third parties and well wishers. One of the most rewarding things for us has been when clients have moved from one organisation to another and then asked us to help their new organisations by applying some of the training approaches we had applied for them in their previous companies. For example, one of our most respected customers is Mr Bill Roberts who is now a senior Director of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority ( NDA) . We first worked for Bill when he was a Financial Controller at Eastern Electricity in Ipswich. We later worked for Bill in Geneva when he was Finance Director of TXU, and again when Bill was Finance Director of CDC in London. We were pleased when he became the Finance Director of the NDA and asked us to apply some of our expertise to help him and his teams reporting to him in his new position.