Getting to Hathersage is easy !

Photograph of one of the entrances to the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire.

Getting here by road is easy !


Our accessible base in the Peak District village of Hathersage is easy to reach by road from all parts of the UK. which means it is great for get togethers and meetings of people who live scattered all over the UK. We are located approximately 10 miles South West of the city of Sheffield with good road links to arterial roads such as the M1 motorway in the East and the M6 in the West. Please scroll down for some useful maps, etc.

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Our offices and base, Rock Lea, are located close to the centre of the village of Hathersage where the A6187 running East-West meets the B6001 ( Station Road ) which runs North to South down to Grindleford Village along the River Derwent.



Our base, Rock Lea, is located in the triangular shaped area south of Main Road, East of Station Road and West of Oddfellows Road ( see aerial photograph above ).
You can see from the aerial photograph we are close to the heated outdoor pool which shows up blue on the photo.


Our main entrance is located at the lowermost end of the "Pay & Display" Public Car Park located off Oddfellows Road in the centre of the village of Hathersage. Travelling into Hathersage from any direction you'll see blue and white "P" signs directing you to this car park, which is adjacent to the swimming pool and the tennis courts and fire station. We own a private car area at the lowermost end of the public car park. Please note that although our postal address is "Station Road", there is no vehicular access to our site from Station Road itself. You need to access the triangle of land within Main Road, Station Road and Oddfellows Road from the Oddfellows Road side.

We strongly suggest you use the maps we provide to find your way around the village. People using GPS equipment or navigating using postcodes often turn up late because they've got lost !

Getting to our base by rail... Hathersage station is just 350 m.


Getting to our base and offices in Hathersage by rail is easy from all over the UK. We are on the lovely scenic Hope Valley line which is the main line between Manchester in the West and Sheffield in the East. We are nearer to Sheffield than Manchester, so people travelling here from London tend to travel up from the International St. Pancras Station to Sheffield and then catch a diesel car local service here from Sheffield. Along the way you'll go through one of the longest tunnels in the UK which takes the line deep under the hills and moors between here and Sheffield.


You can see from the map above just how close the station is to our base in the centre of Hathersage. Why not let the train take the strain ? Hathersage railway station is just 350 metres away along Station Road ( the B6001) and there are trains stopping here almost every hour which run between Sheffield and Manchester along the mainline "Hope Valley LIne" which links these conurbations.

✈ Why not save valuable time & fly here ?


We are situated approx. midway between Manchester and Doncaster airports shown on the map below.

Manchester is our biggest, busiest local airport and is just 45 to 50 mins drive from Hathersage, our UK operations base. Manchester Ringway is the airport where we most frequently go and collect groups of customers travelling here. For example groups from north of Glasgow and from Aberdeen and from Guernsey often use Manchester.... as do groups from Stuttgart and München. It is possible to get a train or a taxi directly here from Manchester airport to Hathersage. ( see train information elsewhere on this page ). Most local airports also offer car hire services.

ukairpts Manchester airport location map

Leeds International Airport is approx. 45 - 50 mins drive away via the M1 motorway to the north of us.

To the South, Birmingham International Airport is approx. 90 mins away via the M42 or M6 motorways.

The airport at East Midlands is approx. 40 drive away via the M1 motorway.

Liverpool Airport ( John Lennon ) is about 90 mins drive away, but offers low cost fares for people on a tight budget.


Sometimes our clients bring in individuals and groups to us using private aircraft landing at Manchester or East Midlands airports - or by landing rotary winged aircraft on our own private land near to our cdentre, where we can receive helicopters. Please note that refuelling and mechanical services are limited locally. Please call Dr. Iain Jennings or James Jennings for details of our aircraft charter facilities here.

kingair7 P8210022
A Kingair Pressurised private aeroplane operated by our friends based at Llandwrog, N.Wales & Jetranger "Charlie-Alpha".

Please note that SHEFFIELD AIRPORT has now closed down. It is no longer available for local fixed wing or rotary winged landings.

Getting here by Ferry via Hull

A lot of our clients coming over from the Netherlands and Belgium and Germany have chosen to travel here via Hull on the excellent North Sea ferries operated out of the ports of Rotterdam and Zeebrugge by P&O Ferries. Some clients bring along their own coaches which can easily travel on the modern luxurious ferries such as Pride of Hull and Pride of York or Pride of Rotterdam which travel daily into the Port of Hull. If necessary we can arrange for our miniubuses or a local coach company to collect groups of people from Hull - or they can travel here more or kess to the door using rail or by public service bus.


MV Pride of Rotterdam in the River Humber at Hull's St George's Docks. One of the last groups we had travelling here on this lovely boat was a coach load of volunteer firefighters from the Dutch-Belgian border area of Baarle-Nassau...members of the Frigwillige Brandweer Gemeete Baarle-Nassau.

Andrew's 75 Seater

Our preferred supplier of coaching services is Andrews of Tideswell who will be pleased to arrange to collect you and return you to your ferry port or airport anywhere in the UK.

FERRY_Pride of Hull
The Pride of Hull sails overnight between Zeebrugges and Hull every day. The author of this website often uses this service when travelling to Austria by road...and it is a very relaxing and comfortable means of crossing the North Sea.