Professional Bespoke Team Development

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A lot of our new customers ask us if there is a "perfect" combination of indoor and outdoor training exercises that they can include in their bespoke courses. The answer is that the perfect combination is that which works best for the group you are looking after, the nature and mood of the participants, the learning points you are trying to elicit and, of course, the weather and season... and any extant training the party may have experienced before. Having very experienced trainers to advise you means that you can choose from a vast array of tried and proven training exercises that be selected to make the most of your time you're with us.

As your consultants we'll suggest what we believe is going to best for you in the light of your needs and preferences...and, of course, the available time and budget.
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Volvo CE Apprentices reviewing a team exercise with trainers from Iain Jennings & Associates during a one week duration Apprentices teamworking and personal development programme organised in Derbyshire. Here they are working in the gardens and grounds of one of the conference centres we often use in the accessible Peak District National Park
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Simon Smith ( Health & Safety Manager ) Volvo CE abseiling during an event organised for his team of modern apprentices who are based in numerous dispersed regional depots around the UK.
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We have a wide range of water based activities on offer in the Peak District, in Austria and in the Lake District... from jolly treasure hunts using rowing boats and canoes, the iconic raft building and raft racing session, trailquests using environmentally friendly electric boats, river rafting in the Alps using inflatable rafts. Sailing in dinghies and on our centre's cruising yacht are other very popular water based team activities.
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The staff at Rock Lea Activity Centre have nearly 30 years experience of running team exercises successfully in unusual and challenging environments such as deep inside caves and mines, high on steep cliffs or suspended high on our High Ropes Challenges. Bone Fide clients who come to our premises for pre-event discussions and consultations can see examples of the hundreds of different team building exercises we have developed and can also see videos of some of our previous teams in action during training which have been screened on national television on BBC1, BBC2 and ITV.

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